About Us

Mission Statement


As a church we have a clear vision and strategy: to “love the Lord Jesus, live by the Bible, encourage the Lord’s people and share the good news,” which means our aim is to be a community that reaches out with the gospel – the wonderful news that Jesus was sent by the Father to rescue sinners who deserve his condemnation.

  • Love the Lord Jesus because loving Him (and by implication His Father also) we obey the first and greatest commandment. (Deut 6.5, John 21.15)


  • Live by the Bible because to love the Lord will mean that we take His Word seriously.  We cannot love Him if we treat His Word lightly.  To love Him is to obey His commandments (John 14.15) because only through obeying them can we please Him, make Him glad, follow His will and live a godly life.


  • Encourage the Lord’s people.  Loving Jesus and living by the Bible will entail being committed to the Lord’s people, to cherish them, support them and do everything we can to help them to live for the Lord Jesus joyfully and whole heartedly.


Share the good news because the Lord’s people are entrusted with the best task of all – of announcing the good news to those who are strangers to it, so they too should be saved and become members of God’s family.

Church Staff

Michael Andreyev – Vicar

Michael Andreyev








Responsible for Youth and Children







Parish Administrator

Robin Ludford-Brooks






Robin Ludford-Brooks


Church Warden

Stewart Godfrey150x168 optimised use





Stewart Godfrey


Parochial Church Council

Vicar:                                            Michael Andreyev

Diocesan Synod Representative:     Elaine Dickinson

Deanery Synod Representatives:     Elaine Dickinson, Eileen Griffiths, Ray Mills (Vice Chairman).

Laity Representatives on the PCC:  Dave Cudworth (Treasurer), Stewart Godfrey (Church Warden), Nim Wilkinson, June Holland, Barbara Mayger

The main responsibilities of the Council are:

a) for the fabric and finances of the church

b) together with the staff team to set a strategy for the church

c) monitoring and evaluation


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